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Top Award-Winning Corporate Websites Design

Look closely at some excellent examples, including some small business websites. You might also be interested in our list of the best business and corporate website designs.

1. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Racine

The Racine law firm uses an aerial video of Brussels on its home page. The site offers quality photography and a clean design while presenting all the content you expect from a law firm website. It's not the leading site regarding the number of pages, so the navigation menu makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

2. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - DFDG architecture

DFDG Architecture's website features a quality design with an extensive background photo on the home page. The site uses beautiful photography, especially on the "Work" page, which shows some of their past projects. The site is easy to navigate and provides an excellent user experience, providing visitors with all the information they need and making it easy for potential clients to contact the business.

3.The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design- Paragon Oak

Paragon Oak operates in the construction industry, and its website gives visitors an excellent first impression. Regarding functionality, visitors can easily find all the essential details related to Paragon Oak services and the process they use. This page contains several case studies from past projects that provide work details and include high-quality photos.

4.The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Martin Building Co.

Another architecture firm, Martin Building, also uses large background images and professionally shot photos throughout the site for a great visual appeal. As you move from one page to the next, the experience is enhanced with several unique transitions. It's a rather subtle difference but provides a positive user experience. This can also help keep visitors on the site for an extended time. You'll also see subtle effects when scrolling longer pages, like the home page.

5. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - PRCO

PRCO is a global PR agency whose homepage has an unusual approach. Above the border, you'll see full-screen background images and a brief statement of what PRCO does. As you scroll down, you'll see pictures with headings that link to different parts of the site. However, there is very little text on the title page. The site is organized and structured in a very logical way. Thanks to this, you can easily navigate and find what you are looking for. PRCO builds credibility by showcasing some highly regarded brands they have worked with, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ferrari, Four Seasons, and more.

6. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - ITI

ITI's website has an exceptional design that includes large, bold typography, subtle effects, and quality visuals. The blue 'let's talk button in the header stands out and encourages visitors to take action and get in touch.  The site includes a blog with plenty of written content for its target audience. Of course, you will also find all the necessary details about their services and how they can help.

7. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Ashcroft Law Firm

With a dark design and large background photos throughout the site, Ashcroft Law Firm's website design takes a different approach than most corporate website designs.  You will find everything you expect from a law firm on the website. This includes the staff side and their areas of expertise and experience. While other entities provide similar information on their websites, Ashcroft offers a bit more style while providing a seamless user experience.

8. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - The Ruby Company

So far, we've looked at several examples of business websites in industries such as real estate and finance, and now we're looking at a business website from the agriculture industry.  Ruby offers product delivery and logistics, and their site is very well done. You'll find large, professional-quality photos, beautiful typography, and even some illustrations and other visual elements to add to the look.  The easy-to-use navigation menu lets you quickly find all the necessary information about the company and products. The page transition effects also show the attention to detail that went into creating this site.

9. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Stink Studios

Stink Studios' website uses a clean design with minimal visuals other than photos and images. A simple design strategy helps focus on the content where it belongs. One unique design decision was to place the logo on the right side of the header instead of the left or center. When you scroll down the page and move the mouse to the left side of the page, the navigation menu moves to the left of the layout.

10. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - WSA

The WSA website has many photos and a few splashes of bright color. The pages detailing their past projects include text to tell the story, lots of pictures, and even videos. Some short testimonials are also highlighted on these project pages.

11. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Oh Planning + design

If you love color, you'll love Oh's website and brand. This architectural office uses a beautiful design with vibrant colors and many photos. They have a dedicated page for each featured project with a description and some images. You will also appreciate the navigation menu, which is well-designed and logical.

12. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - New York Times Company

The New York Times Company corporate website uses a clean and minimalistic design. Large images and headlines will appear as you scroll down. Company information is readily available, and it's nice to use numbers and statistics throughout the site.

13. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Conrad Architects

While we've featured several websites from architecture firms, this one from Conrad Architects takes a much different approach with an immaculate and minimal layout and design. As you'd expect, the site uses large photos to showcase its work, but the images are the only visual element in an otherwise straightforward design. You can find information about various projects through the navigation menu, including case studies and the company itself. The "Journal" is a blog primarily used to showcase completed projects and share other news.

14. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - CA Ventures

This real estate investment management company has a beautiful, efficient website. It features a clean design that uses large, high-quality photos to add visual appeal. The company's services are described in detail and accessible via a drop-down navigation menu. Like some other sites listed here, GA Ventures has a "news" section where you can share important updates. They do an excellent job of keeping this site section active, as several recent articles have been published.

15. The Best Example of Corporate Websites Design - Unleashed

The Unleashed website is colorful and fun. You'll love the big, bold typography and lots of scrolling effects. The navigation menu jumps to specific pages, or you can scroll down. Although the site is somewhat playful, the information and content of the site are thorough. Unleashed is an excellent example of one of the best business websites with many characters. In the end, if you are looking for the best platform to enhance your web design and development skill by providing excellent tips and tricks, then you should follow the Top CSS Gallery.  Here you can also get some mesmerizing web design trends and ideas that inspire you to create something unique. You can visit the website to check the designs and trends.

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